10 Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Dan Bilzerian

10 Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Dan Bilzerian

10 Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Dan
Bilzerian Did the name Dan Bilzerian ring a bell for
you? If you have a social media account, this name
is unavoidable and for the rest of you, come out from under the rock! One of the top high-stakes poker players in
the world, Dan has a net worth of $100 million! With money comes lifestyle and when you bring
Dan Bilzerian in the picture, you could say that any guy would happily lose an eye to
live his life! Surrounded by hot chicks, the man is dipped
in booze and burns oodles of cash each day, not literally of course! We see some interest rising, so how about
we reveal some more juicy details about the life of Dan Bilzerian? Number 1. Heart troubles
Don’t even think that a man like Dan Bilzerian will have any difficulties with ladies, the
matters of heart we are discussing are physical not emotional! His lifestyle has taken a toll on him because
the fun he seems to have doesn’t come without a load of health issues. He suffered a double heart attack when he
was just 25 and just 7 years later had his third! The most interesting bit is that he discharged
himself early after the third one and asked his million-strong Twitter following to take
up a million-dollar bet that he wouldn’t die. This guy has got some guts and shit loads
of money because he was allegedly treated by Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray! Number 2. Successful arms dealer
You know Dan as that poker player who stinks of wealth but the road of his success and
fame has marks of arms trading! Don’t believe us? While in college, Dan was earning an envious
sum of $90,000 a week by playing poker but his arrogance took him towards bankruptcy! What were his options then? He took his gun collection, worth $750 and
sold them for around $10,000. Yikes, that’s some insane profit margin! Anyway, he reinvented himself with this money
by taking it to Vegas and turning it into $187,000. His stint in arms dealing definitely helped
him roll in wealth! Number 3. Arrested on bomb making charges
Back in December 2014, Dan was arrested for allegedly possessing explosives with the intent
to make a bomb. But guess what? With the help of mega-lawyers David Chesnoff
and Richard Schonfeld, the “King of Instagram” managed to cut a deal! The felonies were dismissed and Bilzerian
got no jail time and not even any firearms restrictions. The funny bit is that only had to pay $20K
for blowing up his own tractor trailer. The reason he has to pay is because he blew
the truck up on public land so the money will be used for cleanup. The man has got money and probably powerful
friends! Number 4. Generous attitude
You may or may not like him but Dan Bilzerian is no mean spirited man, at least in money
matters. When his father was jailed, Dan put up a third
of his trust fund account as bail, incurring the wrath of his slightly ungrateful dad. But that’s not all, he is known to help
his friends with money. The biggest example being his $2000 investment
for fellow poker buddy Jay Farber, to enter a national tournament. He even set up the “Robin Hood” project
and gave away $100,000 from his poker earnings to victims of Typhoon Haiyan! Number 5. Debatable net worth
Now we all know that Bilzerian’s self-estimation of wealth is about $100 million, it is up
for debate! Some of his high-stake pokers buddies feel
that this figure may be completely fabricated and mind it, these people are not jealous
of Dan Bilzerian. The thing is that his winnings at poker are
public knowledge, with the most he’s ever won in one night stands at $3 million! But since he leads a lavish lifestyle, you
can’t question much! Is that so? Uhmm, maybe not because some people believe
that the amazing mansion, range of sports cars and his Gulfstream jet are not his, he
rents them! The LA mansion is supposedly rented out by
a Singapore businessman for $35,000 a month, Dan’s property records showed no transfer
of ownership! Number 6. Criminal father
Dan Bilzerian’s father, Paul was a private equity trader in the 1980s and owned a robotics
company in addition to other businesses. He had been largely absent from his son’s
formative years, but flew back to sue Dan’s Little League team for slander over a $5,000
donation. But the most shocking incident was when Dan
was 10 years old and his father served jail time. It must have been earth shattering for Dan
but what did his dad do? Well, it was a complicated “pump and dump”
system of stock fraud where he would artificially inflate a company’s worth before moving the
investments as share prices spiraled. We wonder how Dan managed after this shameful
episode! Number 7. Troubles with school
As you may have imagined, Dan’s life was not a candy lane after his father’s arrest. As per him, his father’s legal problems
had a bearing on his own hatred of authority. Dan was lonely during his school years and
was often ridiculed by his classmates after his father was jailed. He moved school twice during the time his
father was in jail, all because of his expulsion due to outrageous behavior. His unpopularity continued in his military
career where he was disrespected by instructors due to his father’s criminal record who
was ex-serviceman. So before you judge Dan Bilzerian’s life,
know that he didn’t reach without pain! Number 8. Shenanigans involving women
Dan Bilzerian is known worldwide for his wealth and the unimaginable ways he treats women! Come on, have you ever heard of a man who
employed a model solely for stroking his beard while he plays poker? Or have bare chested, bow-tie wearing women
cut his hair! Dan Bilzerian is this guy, unapologetic! His antics with women don’t end here, in
a stunt for Hustler magazine, Dan threw a naked model off his roof into a pool and she
ended up breaking her ankle on the side of the pool. Back in August 2014, he was accused of kicking
model Vanessa Castano in the face but never owned up to it. If you are still not agitated, Dan also boasted
of sleeping with 16 girls in 12 days! Number 9. Navy recruit
If you’ve ever wondered how Dan Bilzerian would have turned out had he been fighting
for the nation instead of burning cash on booze and women, it might shock you that we
were very close to actually viewing it! Dan almost completed his training to become
a Navy Seal! Sounds unbelievable but it is 100% true! He had undergone the grueling Seal training
for 510 days and even scored an impressive 94 from 99 in his military exam before getting
into a dispute with his commanding officer. Guess the Seals don’t take shit from juniors
and thus Dan was discharged just before graduation! Number 10. Scandalous film career
What, you didn’t know Dan Bilzerian has tried his hand at acting? Relax, a lot of people are unaware about this
side of his life! He appeared in the film The Equalizer, with
Denzel Washington, as well as the film The Other Woman. But he was pushed into limelight in Hollywood
with his role in the film Lone Survivor. Nothing positive, this film strained his relations
with Hollywood. He had invested $1 million into the film in
exchange for 80 words of dialogue and 8 minutes of screen time. But the end film limited his role to just
one line and less than a minute of screen presence. As you may have guessed, this did not sit
well with Dan who ended up filing a $1.25 million lawsuit against the company. The good news was that he dropped the suit
because he made $1.5 million from the film, wow! Which of these things about Dan Bilzerian
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    Ace Mo

    The point of the matter is, Dan and his life is exactly what America is about. 1000% Freedom. Do what you want, live how you want and fuck who you want … all the way until you're dead.
    Dan's the man. Be like Dan.

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    Brandon Hope

    He was a trust fund kid. His dad was filthy rich and embezzled millions. He hid the money in his kids bank accounts. You would have to be stupid to believe he made his wealth from poker.

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    Jesse Rodriguez

    He doesn't impress me at all he's what you'd call a successful loser like the Kardashians. The Robertsons from duck dynasty are more impressive

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