10 Most Insane Container Houses In The World

10 Most Insane Container Houses In The World


  1. Paivi Project

    Wow so very cool !! I can't tell which one I liked the best. I would not feel bad owning a shipping container house at all. Thanks 👍

  2. Robert Jackson

    You never listed cost per sq ft or structural changes and extreme engineering costs .like conversion of 707 to a home 100 miles from airport lol

  3. Jon Lin

    Uhhh I already saw the hafencity containers hotel in hamburg and the containermall in Christchurch 😍

  4. Anita Tan

    The problem with used containers is the presence of poison. Cargoes are sprayed with chemicals that remain in the containers. Many owners have gotten very ill. If using containers, buy new.

  5. Dee Carney

    Is there a way to flip doors so the locking mechanism is on the inside , so god forbid someone doesn't lock u in

  6. IyaEarthseeds

    What did they mean by the Northern California gets really hot in the summer? Northern Cally doesn't get anywhere as hot as TX or Southern CA. The hottest is gets in N. CA is 95º. That's not hot. Hell, parts of Louisiana can get up into the 100s with the humidity. The title of this video say "10 Most Insane Container Houses…" but the narrator starts off the video saying these 20 container houses. They also show commercial spaces too which aren't house. I hate when folks post videos with misleading titles and content!

  7. kurichan77

    The Austrian one was made so quickly because that's the way Germans and Austrians work. Super organised and they work to fantastic standards. Just look how they build Huff haus.

  8. Linda Storey Moon

    why don't you add a sticker price on the finished product on each one of these container homes and the price may be more inspiring who knows

  9. Stewart Hamilton

    Cut costs by 1/2 or1/3 bollocks to that 3/4 I'd say as I'm planning to go and do it myself soon as I have made containers and work in structural engineering and know how to do it all. Don't ask a company to make it just do it peeps live long and prosper

  10. Reina Valerie Maglinte

    Another recycled video just to get views… What a waste of time for people who were actually looking for a $1000 home ideas.

  11. Caroline Stone

    U didnt show the thousand dollar house, and rushed the othervstuff too much. Showing less houses more details or slower would have been better

  12. Mr Kumar

    It is, indeed, a revolutionary idea. I'm sure in near future we are going to see more and more of such unique ideas coming up. It's true human creativity knows no bounds. A thumbs up👍 for the person who invented this idea of container housing. Truly Fantastic. 👌

  13. Radioactive Banana

    High housing prices, due to the NWo bankers that rule the world, are causing people to be creative! I don't want a damn small house because the NWO pigs that rule the world are forcing us into this! The oligarchs have their big damn houses and so will I! The slaves must resort to living in boxes instead of rising up against the evil NWO that rules the world!

  14. Eva Rivers Libby

    So what we need to do is prefab the shipping container where they are made and make them houses rather then containers from the beginning but stackable so we can ship them to third world countries to get impoverished people out of the shacks they are living in. My companies are going to work on this idea& put it into action…

  15. Elousha Fah

    i love the one that bought pre-loved shipping container and uses left over construction materials. I bet he still needs to buy things here and there but i think that that is still the cheepest one on this list.

  16. elegant eyes

    This video is only marketing foreign Builders & extreme high-end Container…totally miss Leading th Ppl!

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